The New Hampshire Forum on the Future brings together leaders from higher education, business, and public policy to explore the key question: What are the future educational, social, technological, environmental, cultural and economic realities, challenges, and opportunities facing the State of New Hampshire, and how can we best prepare for our collective future? The Forum will serve as the cornerstone for generating responses to these critical questions.

The Forum will focus on the following specific priorities:


We intend to build a consistent communication message around the issues confronting the State of New Hampshire and the opportunities to both leverage and enhance the state’s higher education, business, and policy resources so we may move collectively toward constructive solutions


  • Hosting a series of four breakfast briefings annually for higher education, business, and policy leaders on important emerging trends/issues confronting the business, higher education, and statewide community. High level speakers to be identified as presenters. The kick off breakfast occurs in September 2005.
  • One major public policy paper to be released annually by The Forum. This “Forum White Paper” to be researched and written following a dialogue, or series of dialogues, on an identified topic. The news media will be approached for reporting of the White Paper to the public.
  • Sponsorship of High Technology Council and other events relating to future issues that are undertaken by the Council, and other partner organizations, to enhance awareness of how the higher education, business, and policy sectors can work together to build New Hampshire’s future.
  • Regular research documents relating to higher education will be issued annually. The Higher Education Economic Impact Report to be released one year and the Annual Report of Higher Education Trends in New Hampshire report the next year.
  • Outreach and management of activities above, and additional opportunities that may emerge beyond the items listed


To build a Forum that can create sustained awareness and communication among New Hampshire’s higher education, business, and policy leaders on those issues, trends, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities which require collective focus and decision making.

Measurements of success will be based on:

  1. Accomplishing outreach initiatives and activities
  2. Building evidence of ongoing engagement within the higher education, business and public policy communities

Our bottom line is to be a positive force in helping New Hampshire move into the future with the leadership, policies and public support that are the marks of any strong state, and to do so within the time honored values for which New Hampshire has become so well known.