The New Hampshire Forum on the Future, formed in 2005, brings a sharp focus to the variety of forces shaping the State of New Hampshire.  The Forum convenes together leaders in higher education, business, and public policy to examine information on the New Hampshire economy, business climate, education, government, environment, energy, technology, demographics, culture, news media, etc.  In effect, The Forum is serving as a cornerstone for examining the issues and trends in each of these areas and asking key questions, including how we can best prepare for our collective future.

Building Partnerships to grow New Hampshire’s Economic Success.

Staying competitive in a changing and mobile economy requires our state’s educational institutions and businesses to collaborate in new and innovative ways. The fastest growing sectors in the new economy require highly trained workers with continuous lifelong learning needs. Business-educational partnerships lead to more effective, accessible and affordable ways to transfer skills and knowledge, often times outside of the traditional classroom, in ways that allow more people to access learning. Working together… makes us better.

The Forum acts as a catalyst to bring together the strengths and assets of educational, business and policy entities to facilitate partnerships, share best practices and discover new ways to work together to ensure New Hampshire’s success in the 21st century economy.

NH Forum on the FutureThe Challenge

  • 7 out of 10 of New Hampshire’s fastest growing jobs over the next 10 years require a post-secondary degree
  • Demand for college-educated workers is forecasted to outpace supply nationwide
  • Mobile workforce creates competition for New Hampshire grads
  • Fast changing economy requires lifelong learning and training, creating older, non-traditional student population
  • New economy jobs require highly specific training
  • New Hampshire higher education costs outpace inflation
  • Declining government resources